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Ceramic tile: Ceramic tile is arguably the most versatile material for both floors and walls. It is easy to clean, extremely long lasting, does not absorb smell, water or allergens, is fireproof, can be installed in any part of the house and comes in an infinite array of colors and patterns to suit any style or design. includes a wide variety of clay products fired into thin units which are set in beds of mortar or mastic with the joints between tiles grouted. Varieties include quarry tile, porcelain tile, terra cotta tile, and others Natural stone is the craze, but at about one third the cost, ceramic tile can provide a similar look. Large tiles 18 by 18's and 16 by 16's are more popular than smaller ones. In addition to smooth glazed tiles, there are ones that simulate stone. A variety of grout colors also provide different look.
Tile Rating Grades #1 wall tile only # 2 walls and very light traffic ( bathrooms ) # 3 getting little better can be used around the house, # 4 good for floor with heavy traffic more durable to chipping.
# 5 Most case now you in to porcelain tile and it’s good for heavy traffic and commercial applications, but it comes with price it can only be installed with flex based thing set also any tile larger then 12x12 size. Need to use larger notch trowel 1/2’x1/2’x1/2’.
Laminate: Laminate flooring is becoming a clear of choice for homeowners looking for rich patterns, durability and afford ability. Over the years. Laminate floors are extremely durable and wear resistant. Easy quick and simple cleaning. Laminate is sold in planks, Tile patterns that are glued or snapped together and can be laid over most other existing floors (excluding carpet over pad). Laminate is one of the only floors that can be installed over ceramic tile. Each board is constructed with a core of high density fiber board which is very moisture resistant. As with most hard surface flooring, laminate floors can scratch so floor protectors are recommended. ( legs of sofas, chairs, table so on. )
Hardwood flooring: is a type of flooring made from the timber of hardwoods, or of spruce or hard pine. There are two basic manufactured types of hardwood. Wood flooring comes pre-finished unfinished, and once installed is sanded, then finished on site. More modernly, the product is pre-finished in a factory. The products that are pre-finished are often a polyurethane finish that has added aluminum oxide, however some companies use titanium dioxide or other oxides instead. These metal oxide finishes are used in various types of floor coverings and increase the wear a hardwood floor can handle heavy traffic, but we still don’t recommend installing it where heavy moisture is present on less you like to gamble with you money.
Solid Wood Flooring:
Solid hardwood is the traditional hardwood floor, constructed of a single section of specially selected lumber which is finished by milling into a tongue and groove finished product. Solid hardwood floors are usually 3/4" thickness and are suitable only for nail down installations over ply-wood, OSB, and tongue and groove board, and particle board wood sub floors on or above-grade. 5/16" solid hardwood floors are also now available, and in some instances, where no moisture exists in the sub floor, it may be glued down over concrete.
Engineered Wood Flooring:Engineered wood flooring is recommended high humidity climate. Engineered wood flooring is typically composed of multiple layers which are glued together (cross laminated) making a finished flooring product that is very resistant to expansion and contraction from temperature and/or moisture. Most wood flooring you see in houses today is engineered hardwood floors.
Vinyl and Vinyl tile: No other floor covering category offers the variety of colors and patterned styles as vinyl flooring! Thanks to some great advancement in styling and technology today's vinyl flooring has been changed forever. The unique manufacturing processes used today can replicate the look and textures of real ceramic tile, stone and wood grains.

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